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Support for Safe and Equitable Care

From speaking engagements to educational resources and strategy consulting, scroll to learn more about the services we provide.


Our Founder and Principal Consultant, Dr. Maria D. Flowers is an experienced keynote speaker and educator who discusses topics in health equity from the lens of patient safety and experience, patient satisfaction in healthcare, and risk management. Dr. Flowers offers speaking engagements on the following topics:


  • Systemic Racism and the Impact on Healthcare

  • Implicit Bias in the Workplace

  • Patient Safety: Establishing a Just Culture

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Mental Health and Wellness: African American Health Disparities

  • Mental Health and Wellness: African American Female Perspective

  • The Cost of Motherhood: African American Maternal Mortality

  • The Cost of Motherhood: Personal Health and Wellness

Contact us today to book Dr. Flowers for your next conference or meeting event.

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We provide webinars and training on topics ranging from safer workplace culture to equitable healthcare best practices. In addition to our current course offerings listed below, we also create custom courses upon request.

Current Course Offerings:


  • Anti-Discrimination Training

  • Cultural Competency Training

  • R.E.A.L./S.O. - G.I. Data

  • Creating a Safe Culture for Employees and Patients

  • Maternal Health and Birthing-Friendly Designation

  • Techquity - The Intersection of Health Equity and Technology

  • CMS Health Equity Framework Overview

All current course offerings are available in live and asynchronous format.



At Maria D. Flowers & Associates, our team of expert consultants are here to help healthcare organizations create effective, patient-first strategies that promote anti-racism from the boardroom to the bedside. We are empathetic problem-solvers who passionately believe in safe, equitable healthcare for all, and are driven by the desire to ignite transformative changes in our industry. Work with us to develop and implement custom solutions that will assist your organization on its path to greater patient satisfaction in healthcare.

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Reviewing Reports at Desk

Health Equity Impact Assessment

Maria D. Flowers & Associates provides a

streamlined approach to a comprehensive Health APPLICATION Equity Impact Assessment Application meeting all

NY State requirements.


Our Mission

At Maria D. Flowers & Associates, we specialize in providing healthcare organizations with the tools and training needed to deliver equitable and safe care to all patients, regardless of race or background. Our team of consultants brings to the table a combined 40+ years of experience with tailored expertise in Patients Safety, Risk, and Health Equity. Through a combined offering of inclusive healthcare services, speaking engagements, educational resources, and strategy implementation, our firm strives to help healthcare organizations on both national and global scales establish best-in-class patient safety and health equity practices.


From the boardroom to the bedside, we seek to facilitate positive, transformative change in today’s healthcare landscape and promote safer, more equitable care for all.

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